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Cornerstone Young Saints

We believe there is a mandate on this generation to walk in their true identity as saints of God, set apart to bring transformation and revival into every city and nation of the earth. He has entrusted His Kingdom to His saints and we are ready to respond to His voice to bring Heaven to earth. We are excited to see the Holy Spirit come to break shame and guilt and illuminate to young people their true identity as young saints!

There is no junior Holy Spirit, there is no reason why you can’t heal the sick, lead your friends to Jesus and see many signs and wonders. We want to help equip and strengthen you on that journey.


WE ARE STILL Live every Sunday morning at 10:45 EST
Our videos are streamed online and stored for watching back here:

Our Services


Cornerstone Young Saints serves the youth 6th -12th grade. Young saints will have a genuine divine encounter with the living God being continually transformed into His likeness. Through worship, testimony, teaching in the power of the Holy Spirit we want to see our Young Saints empowered as supernatural revivalists.


With Andrew and Jamie Burns at 6:30pm Wednesdays.

We enjoy pizza, games, worship and teaching.


We have run various courses by Bethel Church Redding CA, Joyce Meyer etc. We also teach “Next Steps” and other topics that are being led in the main Sanctuary.
If parents have any questions about Cornerstone Young Saints, please contact Andrew Burns by emailing


Cornerstone Young Saints serves the youth 6th -12th grade.

Sundays, 10:45 AM in the Main Sanctuary for Worship then to classes

Junior High with Jason & Olivia Harvey
Senior High with Becky Haas


Junior High with Jason & Olivia Harvey at 10:45am Sundays.

Have you ever thought, “What’s it going to take to get God to move on my behalf?  How do I get God to do what needs to be done in my life?”

If you have, you are not alone.  These are questions that many Christians ask and yet remain frustrated with the answers they receive.

The answers usually go something like this:

“If you will pray longer or harder…”
“If you will spend more time fasting…”
“If you will read a few more chapters of the Bible every day…”
“If you will spend less time in front of the television and get more serious about your relationship with God…”
“If you do this or that, then God will answer your prayers and do something for you.  He is just waiting for you to get your act together, behave, and perform better!”
However, this line of thinking could not be further from the Truth of God’s Word.  Contrary to what many churches teach and believe, God does not respond to us or help us based on our performance.  God’s blessings and help in our lives are not based on what we do for Him, but rather on what Jesus has already done for us on the Cross.  It is not about behaving better; it is about learning how to believe and receive better.

Ephesians 1:3 says that God has ALREADY blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ in the heavenly realm.  This means that God has already given us everything we need to live a life of victory, power, passion, and purpose.   We are not waiting on Him to do something more for us; He is waiting on us to believe and receive what He has ALREADY done FOR us and IN us.  Then, we can allow God to work powerfully THROUGH us to impact the lives of others around us!

Join us in Junior High as we explore these themes from Andrew Wommack’s eye-opening book You’ve Already Got It!: So Quit Trying to Get It.   Bring your Bible and a friend Sunday mornings during the 10:45 church service.  See you there!

Andrew Burns

Andrew Burns is an ordained minister who works full-time as Director of Student Ministries, teaching senior and junior high on Wednesday nights. His wife Jamie Burns assists as Youth Pastor. Jamie also helps lead worship for the youth at Wednesday evening services.

Becky Haas

Becky Haas is an established national speaker and ordained minister, she teaches the senior high on Sunday mornings.

Jason and Olivia Harvey

Jason and Olivia Harvey teach Sunday morning services for Junior High.

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